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A Real Chance Incorporated
Grant Programs
Below are the grant programs currently offered by A Real Chance Incorporated. Grant opportunities are available to the general public and are not limited to residents of South Carolina. 
Debt Elimination Grant Program
(All United States Residents May Apply)
Purpose of Grant:

Grant funds are available to individuals for the purpose of eliminating and/or decreasing personal debt.


- Must gross less than 50k per year
- Must have a minimum of $1,500 in debt


No Deadline

Application Processing Fee:

(Fee Supports Grant Fund & Programs)

Grant Award Range:

$0 - $25,000

Funding Cycle:



Emergency Grant Awards are given out on a monthly basis and applicants selected to receive an Emergency Grant Award will be notified in writing on or around the last day of the month. Awards are posted on our Awards page on the last day of every month as well. Emergency Grant Awards are not guaranteed. Applicants that submit a reasonable and detailed explanation of hardship with their application are GUARANTEED to receive a grant award through the United Hope Fund. Please refer to the Debt Elimination Grant Application for more details on guaranteed awards. 

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