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A Real Chance Incorporated
Our Programs
One of the main priorities of A Real Chance Incorporated is to offer comprehensive programs and grant opportunities to increase financial awareness and stability. Below are our primary program initiatives that are currently available to the public. 
Economic Development
Grants for Individuals

One of our primary economic development initiatives is a grant program developed to provide financial assistance and relief to impoverished/fiancially burdened individuals. The grant program is most commonly known as the Debt Elimination Grant (DEG). Please click here for more information on this program.  
Financial Literacy & Debt Prevention
Education & Training
Our financial literacy and debt prevention education program is structured such that all participants gain the fundamental knowledge of money management and learn how to execute responsible and calculated spending and saving strategies. We emphasize and expound on the following areas: Creating and adhering to a personal budget of expenses and income(s), understanding the difference between bills, debt and expenses, understanding credit and how to rebuild and prevent further declination of credit ratings, understanding debt to income ratios and calculating spending margins, and pathways to responsible spending and money management.  

Our Financial Literacy & Debt Prevention Program is available to the general public as well as all of our program participants. 

Below is a schedule of our upcoming Financial Literacy & Debt Prevention Workshops.

Workshop Schedule:

Location:          TBA
Date/Time:        TBA

United Hope Initiative

Another of our primary economic development initiatives is the United Hope Fund. The purpose of United Hope Fund is to bridge the gap between philanthropists and the people in dire need of their help. For more detailed information on this program please visit our program website at

Assistance Programs
Eligibility Requirement
Qualify & Apply for the SC Debt Elimination Grant Program