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Debt Elimination Grant 
Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why is there an application fee?

Answer:   We must assess a minimal application processing fee because our programs and services are completely non-profit and A Real Chance Inc. does not take any profits for any of the services and programs offered. In order to continue to operate all of our outreach programs we must have some form of sustainability and this is the primary use of the $10 application processing fee. In an effort to limit restrictions on applicant eligibility, A Real Chance Inc is not funded by or affiliated with any government agencies. We use all of our own funds and donations to support our programs and as a result our eligibility requirements are not governed by the typical standards for government funded public assistance. 

Question:  Why is it that I can never reach anyone over the phone?

Answer: Please understand the A Real Chance Incorporated is completely non-profit and we do not use any of the grant funding that we receive to pay any staff.  Most or all of the individuals that assist in the managing of A Real Chance Inc are all paid contractors or unpaid volunteers. Due to limited availability of our contractors and volunteers, there are often no available representatives to answer or return phone calls. We encourage all inquiries be submitted in writing and either sent via email or regular mail. Please visit our Contact Us page to view all of our contact information. The email address for all or most inquiries is

Question: Can I ask for a refund of my application fee?

Answer: Yes. If you no longer wish to participate in the Debt Elimination Grant program and HAVE NOT been awarded a grant, you may request a full refund of your application processing fee. Please note, that if you request a refund and withdraw your application, you forfeit any and all rights to receive any type of assistance through the United Hope Fund and/or A Real Chance Inc. If you provided a hardship letter with your application, your hardship posting will be removed from our donor website ( and you will no longer be eligible to receive any grant funds or applicant support services from A Real Chance Inc. All refund requests need to be provided in writing and submitted via email to or you can submit your request by regular mail to: A Real Chance Inc., P.O. Box 73003, N. Charleston, SC 29415. Please be sure to include your full name, mailing address, and hardship ID# (if applicable)

Question:  What happens after I apply?

Answer:  Once your application and application fee have been received, you will be sent a confirmation letter/email, acknowledging the receipt of your application and the processing procedures will be outlined for you as well. There are often changes to the application and fundraising processes so you will need to refer to specific correspondence for any additional details. Applicant Support can be reached by email at

Question:  Can others in my household apply for this grant too?

Answer: Any person over the age of 18 can apply for this grant, as long as they do not make more than $50,000 per year and have at least $1,500 in personal debt.  

Question:  Is there any chance, that I will pay my money and get nothing in return?

Answer:  No. Not only are all fees 100% refundable upon request, all applications are guaranteed to receive a grant award. Although we are unable to specify the amount or the specific time frame in which a grant will be awarded to you, all active applications will receive a grant award as soon as possible. ​If at any point an applicant feels that it is taking too much time to receive a grant, all applicants may request to withdraw their application and a refund of the application processing fee will be refunded.  

Question:  Will I have to pay any of the money back that I receive from the Debt Elimination Grant?

Answer:  No. You never pay back any of the money that you receive from this grant. Any and all funding you receive are yours to keep. We only hope that you will be responsible with any funding you may receive and that you are able to pay off some or all of your debt as a result of receiving our grant funds. 

Question:  Will I have to prove my income?

Answer: Yes. It must be determined that you gross less than $50,000 per year.

Question:  Will I have to prove how much debt I have? 

Answer:  Yes. It must be determined that you are at least $1,500 in debt.

Question: Will you check my credit?

Answer:  No. We do not check your credit at any time. We only view your credit report if you choose to use it to prove your debt.

Question: Is there a deadline?

Answer:  No. Applications are accepted at all times.

Question: When will I receive a grant?

Answer:  Grant awards are awarded as often as possible to as many applicants as possible. There is no way to predetermine the exact date that awards will go out nor can it be predetermined how much a grant award will be.Once an application has been selected to receive a grant, the applicant is notified of the amount directly. 

Question: What company is offering this grant?

Answer:  This Debt Elimination Grant is sponsored by A Real Chance Incorporated. We primarily rely on private contributions made by individuals. 

Question: Is this grant offered or funded by the government?

Answer:  No. This grant program is not government affiliated, whatsoever. The funds for this grant program are solely provided by private contributions made by individuals/companies and from a portion of the application processing fees. A Real Chance Inc. is not a government agency or affiliate.